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Brier Creek will personalized a landscape design to meet your lifestyle and taste.
Here is your opportunity to have an amazing garden on your deck, entry, veranda or even on the 25th floor!
Just need a little advice? Brier Creek will gladly schedule a consultation to get you started, point you in the right direction or to teach you how to care for your garden.
Brier Creek will create a regular maintenance schedule to keep your garden looking beautiful year round. 
Keep your container gardens looking fabulous with regular pruning, plantings and fertilizings. We'll set a regular schedule to meet your needs! 
Some gardens have great 'bones' and just need a face lift. We can help you decide how to edit your garden and give it a fresh, up-dated look.
Low volume irrigation systems can easily give you peace of mind watering your plants at a economic price
Brier Creek Gardens
Design & Landscape
Providing quality, personalized garden care with a focus on organic and environmentally friendly practices for the entire Seattle Region.
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