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Catie Corpron Smith, CPH
Catie was raised in the jungles of Thailand where the vibracy of plants were forever imbedded in her imagination. She takes her passion for intracate blooms and dramatic foliage into each and every design. Whether planting a roof top veranda or a full garden design, Catie can add the beauty and textural interest to any garden for year round impact. From the first step designing
With a keen eye on the environment Brier Creek Gardens implements organic gardening techniques and the 'right plant, right place' philosophy for sucessful Seattle gardens that are customized specifically for you. Whether you need the beauty of a container garden, a garden renovation or year round garden maintenance our experienced team can help.
your garden to an effective landscape maintenance program, Catie's experience and love of gardening will ensure your garden's vitality and value for years to come.
Innovative design and landscapes inspired by nature.
Brier Creek Gardens
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